Together for more stustainability and a better environment

The idea

The thought of constructing the "Centro Ecologico" came to the Biotropic-employees Volker Schmidt and Aquilino Cruz as they discovered that the new territory of the company was habitat of several endemic and endangered plants. Instead of denuding the area, it was decided to extend the already existing basis and to make even more efforts in order to protect these rare species and many other plants as well. Several other ideas and plans came along with the initial one and formed the "Centro Ecológico Cibao".

The present situation

Nowadays the former underused and paltry area has changed to a green park full of life. It is not only home to many plants and trees, but also to various bird species, insects and many others. The greenhouse is planted and in the banana-museum the fruit is growing in many different colours and shapes. Furthermore it is now possible to obtain a share of the energy consumed in the office through the environmentally friendly systems of solar energy. Furthermore, the highly contaminated sewage water being conducted to the territory of Biotropic from the neighbouring prison is now cleared and harnessed by the constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment.

Our ambition

The park is meant to be an active building block of life of the Dominican people. It is supposed to be used for matters of research, education and training and thus to contribute to foster the unfortunately very little developed environmental consciousness of the people. Moreover, it aims to present the possibilities of organic farming and to help local farmers use those. An additional purpose of the park is to demonstrate the use of renewable energy sources and their benefits. Through these efforts "Centro Ecologico" would like to help improving the living conditions in rural parts of the country and thereby work against the increasing urbanisation.

The Dominican environment is unique in the world!

But dense population, intensive agricultural use and climate change are posing many threats.

Therefore we want to help protect the environment, so that all the unique plants and animals are able to survive. Through the "Centro Ecológico Cibao" we would like to establish a counterpoint to genetical impoverishment of our habitats and to point out sustainable ways of operating economically. In the end these measures antagonize migration into cities and provide perspectives to rural areas.  A sound environment is the livelihood of future generations who thus are able to keep living consistent with nature.